Offshore Albacore tuna trolling

A highly skilled and timeless fishing profession deserving of the best. 

Be part of the SOLUTION not part of the PROBLEM !

New Zealand designed modern sail assisted Tuna Troller fishing vessel. Ergonomically focussed and worked in a very clever blending of many features considering crew and catching efficiency and thus raising the bar a notch or two for at sea time working.

.... featuring a new sail-assisted FISHING VESSEL design now with two PANGA day dories additional catching power and so Honouring / Replicating the Portuguese, and men of many nations, Grand Bank's Schooner men of yesteryear fishing far offshore and working from a Mother ship daily harvesting the elusive Tuna's so prized as human nourishment in this fishery in this instance from this design by a Fisherman and for Fishermen.


At the new thirty five meter length, this vessel would ideally suit ‘ Live Fish Trapping ‘ operation and outperform the Precision Harvesting Trawl system for live fish capture and delivery to market for absolutely top quality product.

giving a second hull length option of 29 and 35 metre
China prosposal

NEW ZEALAND FISHERY Quota Management System

Twenty five years on and once claimed as a World best management practice and now reverted to no more than organized crime being run by New Zealand Government fishery today!
It may have all started out as a best practice 'Model' but within a few short years it morphed into a 'Crown business', and bleeding the working fishermen unmercifully financially, and then followed further deterioration into what is now well considered to be no more than organized crime at best.
One standout is that whatever it is, it is NOT fish stock management to any degree, and particularly in Area 1, regarding Snapper  one stocks. Heavily political now with insecure politicians and fishery staff and the usual drones etc there, all serving very little purpose or value added functions or producing anything of any value back to the New Zealand economy, Management tools strategy here have consisted of Prosecution and Persecution almost entirely of any and all Qualified and Professional commercial fishermen and women and seemingly aimed at 'Elimination' and data base intelligence gathering as best practice.
(Fisheries website even skites about their success of eliminating and reducing fishers.)
The results from this are profound and many and no more than a COVER UP to distract from the criminality, past and on going, within fisheries quota management system by fisheries.
FRAUD and THEFT / SEIZURE  /  CONFISCATION and SHAKE DOWN fines imposed on commercial operators by complicit court judges on fisheries EVIDENCE!  ie: planting of paint flakes, under scales of perfect undamaged fish, to obtain a court conviction as EVIDENCE by known fishery officers (and they took the paint flakes off the wrong vessel to add insult to injury too) in this case!   As one example!
The situation are numerous and all provable. No respect is left from commercial operators for fisheries now and will never be recoverable in the future from commercial. 
It is no surprise now that so much of the QMS fish stocks are uncaught or only partially caught each year now due to this arrogance and ignorance of fisheries efforts at MANAGEMENT.
I believe that the New Zealand Crown DID NOT have the power OR right to write the legislation that is current fishery law and statute in New Zealand.
Under Article 39 and Magna Carta 1215 AD, written all those years ago for just this situation, FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS  much of fishery law is of no effect and illegal at this time!
This will soon be tested in a New Zealand High Court as such, and by an individual, and challenging New Zealand crown fishery laws and statutes.

Safety - Comfort - Efficiency

Fuel cost savings, quiet while underway and an easy superb Hull action at sea offshore making this unique design highly desirable for many other marine use operations to be considered too.

This design is also focussed on a stand alone philosophy of independence ie; upper mast section can be raised or lowered onboard. Wide keel base will support careening for between tide bottom maintenance.

Aesthetically pleasing in profile, cost effective to construct in pre-cut Corten steel components, and a vessel that will be rewarding to own and operate for fleet or individual vessels.


I have been involved in New Zealand commercial fishing since prior to the establishment of the 200 mile economic zone around the Nation's coast and coastal extremities. As such I have witnessed all, and have been affected by anything and everything, connected to New Zealand's fisheries. I know that the Crown 'engineered' a fishery crisis by deliberately over allocating commercial catch permits which was then used as a justification for imposing a Quota Management System. That which has followed since has been even more incompetent than fishery 'management' prior to the Controlled fishery and the Quota Management start up.

Ignorance and arrogance by fisheries (and working against the established commercial catch sectors) have wrought havoc, and it is still going on to this day, amongst the commercial catching operators. Emboldened by and all the time encouraged on by the even more strident, vicious vitriolic and even more ignorant hum of the New Zealand recreational fishers sector.

The advent of 'ACTION' film (of Heroic proportions), massive over powering fish of all sizes with a bendy 'LEVER' and a geared 'WINCH' and spooled with 'UNBREAKABLE' line raised excitement to fever pitch in New Zealand and hugely increased catches and destruction of tons of fish per year in the name of 'SPORT'.

The WHEEL CHAIR, the ALCOHOLIC and the  SHOWMAN FISH KILLER have a lot to answer for as they bludged and conned their way around the country, and the World, making HERO film and so many wannabe film stars have since followed this fish stock destruction hero action scene now since making it even worse.

This all about to bite back hard now with all New Zealand recreational pleasure vessels will have to be registered and fish Quota bought, from commercial, before a fish can be caught and landed in New Zealand. All this can be attributed directly back to the original ACTION HERO FILM MAKERS without question. The chickens are finally coming home to roost at last. The recreational fishers have entirely bought this on themselves.  

2014 Announcing


 PANGA craft arriving in New Zealand from 3.6 M to 9.0 M in eight models